Oil Seal High vacuum Pump


“Tulsi Pumps & Systems” These are oil-immersed,Rotry vane type pumps, designed and manufactured for long trouble free operating life.

These pumps are Air-cooled & Water cooled Models also.There Built-in NRV which Prevent back oil.These pumps required minimum.

Field Application:

  1. Laboratory Application of Chemical plant
  2. R & D Centre Vaccum impregnation ,packing
  3. Vaccum Drying,Forming Coating
  4. lamp industries,Leak detection
  5. Cryogenics,Distillation
  6. Re-refining of oil

Salient Features:

  1. Simple & rugged construction
  2. Trouble free operation
  3. Easily Handled Dust laded & Aggressive Gases
  4. Built in Anti Suck Facility to prevent Back of oil