Single Stage Monoblock vacuum Pump


“Tulsi Pumps & Systems” Monoblock Modern Design water Ring Vacuum Pumps which are very easy to install and assemble,compact,mobile and have a simple design with smooth operation.

These pumps are connected to the motor shaft.The Pumps develop maximum vacuum of 710mm of hg, when the sealing water temperature is around 30c(755 mm of hg Barometric pr & suction temperature of 30c).

These pumps operate at low water levels and low pressure i.e.0.3 to 0.5kg/cm.As these pumps are compact, they can be easily taken from one place to another.

Field Application:

  1. Laboratory Usage
  2. Priming Purposes
  3. Pilot Plants
  4. Sterilizing
  5. Conveying,venting & Sucking

Salient Features:

  1. Simple Construction
  2. trouble Free Operation
  3. Compact and Mobile